Massaging my senior dog – My way

Hi guys! My husband took some photos of me and my 11 years old Chihuahua’s massage session (AKA ‘cuddle time’)—so I wanted to share some.

Bonding Time With My Dogs

Here’s the pictures of me massaging my Chihuahua’s tiny little head. Well, ‘massaging’ may sound a bit exaggerated as I am not a Certified Canine Massage Therapist… but I can tell you that my dogs enjoy my touch. Why I know this? Because he comes to me every night  Actually, I think the best person to massage the dog is the person whom the dog is comfortable with.

head massage for my senior dog

Dog Massage? Where Can I Learn That?

Ovbiously, if you want to be certified and work as a professional Canine Massage Therapist, you will have to go to school for that, but for most of us just want to learn quick technique, right? There are many YouTube videos and books you can learn the little massage techniques from. I personally enjoy learning stuff like that!

My 11 years old Chihuahua “C” especially enjoy being touched on the head. He’s such a little weirdo…because whenever I tried to massage elsewhere in his body, he smashes head into my hand saying “do my head NOW!”. So when I’m massaging his head, he is in heaven as you can see below.

C head massage

TTouch® is Great Way To Gently Bond With Your Animal Friend!

While massaging, I also do a little TTouch® too, which both of my dogs really enjoy. If you never heard of TTouch®, I highly recommend visiting their website: TTouch® is developed and taught by Linda Tellington-Jones. I’ve purchased one of her books called “Getting in TTouch with Your Dog: A Gentle Approach to Influencing Behavior, Health, and Performance“. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the basic of TTouch and start applying it to your pets. I like TTouch because their touch techniques are super light, you know you are not going to hurt them even if you did it “wrong”.


After the massage and TTouch, I end with a stretch. I think I learned this from Canine Massage Therapist friend I know. I do this VERY gently. Tune into the dog and you’ll know if you are doing too much. While I do this, I also breathe very deeply. I wish I could tell my dog to breath deeply, but he can’t understand my human language. So I deep breath for him. It may sound silly and I cannot explain or prove it to you, but I think this helps to clear the stagnant energy (Ki/Chi) in his body.

whole body stretch for my chihuahua

There are so many things that you cannot prove, but deep inside, you know it exists. Once I accepted that life becomes more exciting and freeing.

whole body stretch

As I massage and deep breathing with my dogs, I feel like I’m more relaxed and healed. I don’t need to know where or how it just is. I love that feeling. Highly recommend it!



CPmom is a creator. She was born and raised in Japan for the first half of her life. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and 2 senior dogs named "C" and "P" (hence I am CPmom ;b). "C" was born in 2004. He's a handsome and intelligent Chihuahua that runs his humans' life. "P"—also born in 2004—is shy and timid, but a real sweetheart once you get to know her. They are rescue dogs.