Mobility Harness for Large Dog

Recently, my 13 years old dog, Hina had a surgery.

For her after surgery care, we decided to purchase Custom-made Mobility Harness from Japan.

There are many “Support Harness” or “Lifting Harness” sold in the United States but I could not find the one that looks comfortable enough to sleep while wearing the harness.

dog feeding after surgery
After surgery: Because
of the stitches on her
stomach, it was tough
helping her to stand up.

So, I googled the mobility harness in Japanese websites in hopes to find just the right product for my dog.

I’ve learned that there are a lot of support harnesses that are made in clothes specifically for senior dogs. I wonder there are many people in Japan who are caring for senior dogs?

I saw many that looked good, but could not really find the harness that fits my dog’s unique body type. Some of them looked like it’s too wide for her tummy area. I wanted to make sure I can lift her up while the harness is securely on.

After much searching, I’ve decided to purchase the custom-made harness from “Kuro-do-Wan“. (According to Kuro-do-Wan, they receive many orders from overseas!) They sell all custom-made dog outfits and care goods.

About 10 days later, our harness was delivered to us!

Hina's custom-made mobility harness
You can select different cloth and color of bias tape. We decided to add 2 handles on the back and also added shoulder band so we can carry her using my shoulder. (Name tag was a gift from Kuro-do-Wan!)
Hina, mobility harness inside
Inside of the harness. Good breathability due to mesh material and it’s light! I also asked them to create inner pocket so I can put Moxa heat pack.

I didn’t know how to order online, so I call to ask them. They were very kind and helpful in figuring out what Hina needs or don’t need. So I was able to order with confidence!

Here she is with Mobility Harness!

This custom-made mobility harness has velcro tapes and secure buckles in the back so we can adjust to 3 different sizes, that’s about 10cm (about 4 inches) adjustment. This comes in handy because Hina lost some weight after surgery. So with all that flexibility, this harness fits Hina like a globe!

Dog Mobility Harness
Opening in the back. You can see 3 Velcro tapes with buckles that hold dog securely.

By the time this Mobility Harness has arrived, she was able to stand up and walk by herself, but what is so great about this harness is how helpful when I take Hina to vets. This harness is perfect for supporting her getting on to our car and help her on the slippery floor at the vet.

We had car ramps for her before, but since she has arthritis, she was not able to use that.

I myself suffers from sciatica pain due to herniated disc, so I needed my husband’s help when I had to take Hina to a vet. But with this harness, I can carry her by myself.

This harness will lift her off the ground for few seconds, but since this is so securely tightened, she didn’t get scared. Also, this harness is so light, I could easily carry her 55 lbs (25 kg) weight. (Please Note: This is not specifically recommended way to carry by Kuro-do-Wan)

So this mobility harness is a savior for the people with the back issue who lives with the large dog!

Hina was able to walk with comfort on the slippery floor of the vet with my support using back handle and shoulder band.

hina at vet wearing mobility harness
It will be difficult to get up from this position as an old dog without mobility harness.

With this, she can pee without taking it off. This is now a must-item for going outside.

Since Hina is not good with heat, I’m planning on ordering another mobility harness that is made with mesh material.

DIY Easy Homemade Dog Mobility Harness

Just to going up and down the stairs around your home, you can make this easy harness using an eco bag like this one.

DIY Eco Bag Mobility Harness for Dogs
Just cut off the side of an eco bag you don’t need. This particular eco bag had a bit stiff material, so I cut around the area that hits her back legs.

My dog happened to have shorter legs, so the eco bags that has a longer handle (like shoulder bag) would work better (to avoid back ache).

Place the DIY harness (a.k.a. an eco bag) under dog’s belly and gently support her when she goes up the stairs.

As she starts to get her independence back, her confidence is also coming back. She no longer gets intimidated by the stairs and try to go up by herself 🙂


I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish and love animals since day one. I use to work as writer/magazine editor in Japan and after moving to the United States, I started volunteering at the local animal shelters and rescue organizations. I have been fostering many dogs and cats since 2007. Currently, I am actively feeding many feral cats and doing their TNR (Trap Neuter Return) in the community.

I live with my 12 year old dog and 2 cats. I had lost 13 years old, "long term foster dog" to cancer at the end of Oct 2015. My hope is to create a sanctuary for senior and special needs homeless animals and treat them with both western medicines and holistic way.

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