Thank Goodness For Pet Insurance!

*This post is NOT sponsored by Trupanion.

My dog Hina is around 13-15 years of age (We don’t know because she’s a rescue). It’s been 3 months this July since she fell ill. Her medical cost during this period was over $10,000! This includes her surgery to remove her spleen and tumor, hospitalization, check-ups, medications etc. The wonderful new is that our pet health insurance company “Trupanion” covered 90% of this cost!

Hina's x ray & exam by the vet.

5 years ago, we’ve decided to enroll Hina to Trupanion as an “Omamori (Amulet)” even though she has always been in good health ever since we’ve had her. Our monthly payment is $35 with $1,000 deductible. This was an affordable price for us. I have looked at various other pet insurances, but Trupanion’s policy was the simplest. English being in my second language, Truepanion with less complicated policy plan was a good fit for me.

Some of the Features of Trupanion


  1. 90% Coverage: After paying our deductible, they really covered 90% of all costs including surgery, hospitalization, medication etc. except for physical exam.
  2. You can go to any veterinarian you wish.
  3. No payout limit was one of the benefits I liked.

Hina hospitalized after surgery.
Hina had to be hospitarized couple of days after surgery.

When the time came to claim the insurance money, my initial expectation was that they will come up with all kinds of restrictions, that in the end, they won’t be able to cover 90%. But I was pleasantly surprised that their customer service person I spoke on the phone thanked me for taking good care of Hina. They said, “Not to worry, we are happy to support you.”

The process of applying the insurance claim was very easy. All you have to do is to email them the receipts from the vet along with their claim paper. They accept it by the next day. I’ve already done this process 10 times. I’ve never had any issue. Within 5 days, I’ve received the check from them. There’s no trick. They really cover 90%. Because Hina still needs medical care since we are still not being able to find the definitive cause of her illness, having Trupanion’s support is truly encouraging. I feel like Trupanion supports not only Hina but us caretakers.

Compared to Japan, pet’s medical expenses are very high in the US. I heard that there are a lot of owners who had to make a difficult decision of euthanasia because they cannot afford to pay for such high medical expenses. I highly recommend Trupanion (due to my fantastic experience) but more importantly, I must urge owners to consider getting pet insurance as soon as possible. (Trupanion accepts pets up to 14 years of age.)

Because Hina was very well taken care of by Trupanion, I recently enrolled my 10 years old cat “Gyo-Gyo” as well. Trupanion also cover acupuncture-moxibustion and holistic veterinary care among many other options. You can pick your options that fit your needs. You will be able to live more comfortably with your pets with them supporting you financially. (Please check the detailed rules and contents with Trupanion directly.)

As I stated in the beginning, I am NOT getting paid from Trupanion by writing this post. If any of people from Trupanion has found this post, I’d like to say this from the bottom of my heart.

You are my hero for saving Hina’s life! Thank you so very much!!

Update on Nov. 1, 2017: I’ve found this article “The Best Pet Insurance” by Trupanion came on top!



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