Traveling with my senior dog

Hinata’s cystitis solved, finally!!

She still has an ongoing cough but it is manageable with medicine.

For Hina’s cough. Using a human inhaler with a chamber made for dogs.

So we took her to a travel last month!

We usually went camping every summer but now Hina requires AC and she is only eating raw food so the refrigerator is on our must list. So we decided to rent a log cabin.

Cabin (outside)
We can park our car right front of the cabin and no steps to access a cabin is also pros for Hina.

We end up not using our AC because the mountain’s weather was chilly, but still, we felt safe when we left Hina alone in a cabin. There are black bears, too!

Cabin (inside)

This time, instead of hiking we took her to the sight seeing around the town with her stroller.

hina and stroller
Her neon color Stroller is too bright in the rustic historical town.

She got a lot of attention from people in the town and that made her super happy.

Hina & Police officer
The dog lover police gave her a treat!

After Hina had a surgery, we weren’t expecting that we could travel with her.

But we spend a precious summer time with Hina. Thank God.

A few days ago, a friend of mine’s dog was injured and couldn’t move his hind legs. It was sudden and my friend is having a difficult time.

I know there are a lot of challenges, but having many joyful moments is definitely worth it.

Caring for a pet can get tough sometimes, but at the same time, there are so many joyful moments.

I hope to continue sharing my everyday life with Hina in addition to sharing my favorite products with you all, and I also hope to share good and bad moments with many senior pet owners.


I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish and love animals since day one. I use to work as writer/magazine editor in Japan and after moving to the United States, I started volunteering at the local animal shelters and rescue organizations. I have been fostering many dogs and cats since 2007. Currently, I am actively feeding many feral cats and doing their TNR (Trap Neuter Return) in the community.

I live with my 12 year old dog and 2 cats. I had lost 13 years old, "long term foster dog" to cancer at the end of Oct 2015. My hope is to create a sanctuary for senior and special needs homeless animals and treat them with both western medicines and holistic way.

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