Fermented Fish Stock for Senior Dog in need of kidney support

Answers Raw Goat Milk
Raw Goat Milk

Both of my dogs (13 years old) has elevated kidney number. So to supplement, I give them “Fermented Fish Stock” from Answers Pet Food. I alternate with their Raw Goat Milk for a change. I usually give them 1 TBSP twice a day. They seem to enjoy it 🙂

I buy them from a local pet store. (You can search the stores that sell in your local area) Usually, it comes in frozen. I think it’s a great way to add nutrition to their body!

Fermented Fish Stock Ingredients: Fish stock, Sardine, Raw cultured whey, CelticSea Salt®

Raw Goat Milk Ingredients: Raw goat’s milk with added cultures (Lactococcus lactis and leuconostoc mesenteroides), Raw honey, Organic cinnamon.

P & C
“We like to eat. Feed us all day long!!”



CPmom is a creator. She was born and raised in Japan for the first half of her life. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and 2 senior dogs named "C" and "P" (hence I am CPmom ;b). "C" was born in 2004. He's a handsome and intelligent Chihuahua that runs his humans' life. "P"—also born in 2004—is shy and timid, but a real sweetheart once you get to know her. They are rescue dogs.