How I adjusted diapers for my large senior dog

I’ve been using washable cloth diapers for my dog until a year ago.

However, I decided to switch to disposable diapers now that she have to go more often than before.

Hina's cloth diper from Dog Quality.
🔺 I recommend this cloth diaper from Dog Quality. I used this diaper for my foster dog Kaya also. Dog Quality is my favorite company who truly cares about dogs. Unfortunately for my dog Hina, due to her large leakage of pee and poo, I had to give it up.

Most of the diaper for large breed dogs have a waist size of 23 inches. That is too small for Hina which is 27 inches!

Hina is actually medium size dog in the US, how does the other large breed dogs get their diapers???

So I’ve been trying many human diapers both for babies and adults. Finally found a great match in “belted shield” type human diapers (Unisex), thanks to the advice from Shepherd Rescue people I know.

Belted shield diaper
You can adjust the size with the belt on the side.

I don’t find this diaper in a lot of stores. The only place I find this in my neighborhood is at Walmart or Walgreen. The price is usually around $10. I sometimes get 50% OFF when you buy 2.

🔺 Walmart brand on left. Walgreen brand on the right.

Obviously, I open a hole for her tail 🙂

The downside of using disposable diaper compare to cloth diaper is that it can cause diaper rash if wearing for a longer period of time. To avoid that issue, I made her a DIY suspender to keep it on without causing a rash.

Hina diaper & susbender

This is the first version of DIY suspender. I attached an elastic band to the belt made of cloth material that runs through her collar to her diaper. This method was not secure enough to hold her diaper.

Hina's DIY diaper version 2

So, I made another hole to the belt and attached second elastic band in angle to support it from both sides. This worked pretty well and secure the loose-fitting diaper (to avoid diaper rash) in place.

Because of this diaper and DIY suspender, my carpet cleaner can take a bit more vacation 🙂

Sleeping Hina with diaper
🔺 I’m happy to report that this system works well through the night.

Even though cloth diapers are more gentle to her skin and economical, with paper diaper, I can easily smell & color check her pee so I’m going to continue this method for now 🙂

Hina’s legs have gotten much weaker after her surgery. So I have filled our wood floors with area rugs support her.

Hina with rugs

Doesn’t look great but I can’t be worrying about that now 😜

A little space between rugs, I put non-slip stair treads. This works very well for keeping rugs in place.


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I live with my 12 year old dog and 2 cats. I had lost 13 years old, "long term foster dog" to cancer at the end of Oct 2015. My hope is to create a sanctuary for senior and special needs homeless animals and treat them with both western medicines and holistic way.

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