Konnichiwa! Are you new to this blog? Please read this first 🙂

Who we are & why we do this?

Hi everybody! This blog/website is created by 2 Japanese women who love animals! We (Neco & CPMom) were born and raised in Japan for the most of our lives, but now lives in the United States (on the west and east coast). We are best friends and are interested in caring for our pets (fur-mily) in the most natural way possible. So, we started this blog to simply share with each other what we do for our pets.

Few disclaimers…


  • We are not Veterinarians or any kind of professional when it comes to pets’ health so we are not qualified to give you professional veterinary advice. If you are looking for such information, please seek professional advice from a licensed integrative, holistic veterinarian or conventional veterinarian.
  • The information provided in this blog/website should not be a substitute for professional veterinary treatment. The information on this blog/website is a reference only and we cannot be held responsible for any problem caused by the method we posted on this blog/website.
  • Since English is not our first language, we may have some grammar errors. Please be patient and kind to us as we do our best to get better at it :b